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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

#7 - Be our Guest - Beauty and the Beast

#7 - Be Out Guest
Beauty and the Beast is a wonderful movie, I love Belle, she is fantastic as I stated in my #12 song. But, I REALLY love the enchanted servants!!  Especially in this scene, they are so excited to have someone in the castle to serve, it's been 10 years since they have had a guest. By the end of the song grumpy old Cogsworth is even enjoying himself. And who does not love Lumiere with his charming French self??? Mrs. Potts, Chip, the Dishes, the Silverware, the Featherdusters even get in on the act. It is just so well choreographed. I hope you enjoy it, now I want to go watch Beauty and the Beast!!  Have a Magica Day!!

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