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Monday, December 13, 2010

My Disney Vacation Suitcase

For Christmas I decided I wanted a new piece of luggage to take on our Disney World Vacation. Mike & I have always shared a suitcase which has really limited us on how much we could pack (and how many new purchases we could make while we were on vacation!). I found a really HUGE Liz Claiborne suitcase at our local Burke's Outlet that I love!! It's 29" with lot's of room for souvenirs, the color is a little off on the picture below, mine is dark and light gray with an extending handle and wheels. It would weigh a ton if you filled it to the max. It's going be great to have it all to myself. I can't wait until it's time to start packing!! I swear, if Lexi weren't going to be in Korea when we were going I could hide her in there and PawPaw Mike would never know until we got there. I guess I am just going to have to buy lots of princess stuff and send it to her ;). Now I am just going to have to go shopping to buy myself some new clothes to fill it up before we leave. A girl's gotta look good while she's on vacation, you never know when you're going to bump into Mickey or Prince Charming.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My Research for Fun Has Begun!!

So Ashley & I went to do a little shopping for winter clothes for Lexi (it gets cold in Korea) and while we were there I had to buy Disney Vacation books. I picked up "The Complete Disney World 2010" by Julie & Mike Neal which I LOVE. Here's a link from Amazon ( and a pic of the book I love it, it has tons of pictures (500+) and info on EVERYTHING there is to do at Disney including helpful tips and cost of a lot of the attractions. By far the most pictures of the resorts of any book I found. The authors have written several books about Disney World and this is the first one I have bought. It is so well thought out, they go over each attraction and rate it and put a check mark by their favorite. They do the same with each level of resort. I find myself looking at this book all the time. It's a favorite of Dakota's too.

I also got "Birnbaum's Walt Disney World 2011." It has lots of good information as well. Here is the link (
and a pic.

Birnbaum was the one book I knew I was going to get because it helped me make so many of my decisions from my 2003 trip and it is the "Official Guide." There are also coupons included in the back of this book which you may find useful. But I have to admit if I were going to recommend a book it would be "The Complete Disney World 2010."
My other research has lead me to the pages and pages of information on the internet. I am addicted to the Disboards!! I am now reading Trip Reports and Pre Trip Reports and reviews of restaurants and checking out menus so I can make my advance dinner reservations and OMG don't get me started on all of the acronyms that Disney people use (ADR, BCR, TOT, MK, AKL)!!! That will be a post all by itself!!
By the way, did I mention I called to pay for half of our vacation and found out that Whisper had not included Park Tickets for the Sunday we check out. Johnson was a sweetheart and took care of everything right away and I think it cost us and additional $15.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Twenty Facts About Me

So that you can get to know me a little better here are 20 facts that may help you understand how my brain works and make you feel like we are already friends.

1. I am married-Mike (December 1995).

2. I am a Mom-Ashley (June 1987) & Dakota (June 1997).

3. I am a Nana-Lexi was born June 2010.

4. I am 1 of 7 children -Sue, Ricky, Faye, Sandra, Lisa, Donna, Robbie.

5. My favorite Disney Princess is Aurora, aka Sleeping Beauty, aka Briar Rose.

6. My Christmas Tree is full of Disney Ornaments Ashley & I started collecting them when she was 4 and we were living in Pensacola, FL.

7. My first trip to Disney World was January, 2003-it was freezing!!

8. I am afraid of heights.

9. I love to bake-cheesecake, brownies, cookies, ect.

10. I watch Food Network all the time-Sandra Lee & Paula Deen are favs.

11. I change my hair style every few months-I can't stand to see a woman who hasn't changed her hair in 20 years!!

12. I try to dress trendy but not too young.

13. I am VERY nearsighted!! I can't see the "E" on the top of the eye chart without my contact lens.

14. Journey is my all time favorite band-Journey with Steve Perry.

15. I am addicted to Mt. Dew.

16. I have a mole to the left side of my nose my kids HATE.

17. The movie quote "If you have something bad to say about somebody come sit by me" applies to me. Ash & I are people watchers and are very guilty of -honey she shouldn't be wearing that "Bless her heart." Because in the south "Bless her heart" fixes everything.

18. I am a people pleaser. I don't really know how to tell someone No.

19. Hell hath no fury like me when I am defending my family. I am as nice as anyone you would ever want to meet, but mess with someone I love and watch out. A trait I inherited from my Mom & I have passed on to Ashley.

20. I cannot wait until July to go on my Disney Vacation!!!!